Meet the Children

Shakira is 13 years old and has cerebral palsy. We supported her in the beginning through our outreach program, when she was still staying with her mother and two siblings. They lived a few kilometers away from Home of Hope. Following the death of her mother during labor, we were left with no choice, but to admit her at Home of Hope, since no relative was willing to take care of her, because of her disability. The normal siblings were taken by relatives.

Due to the severity of her condition, she is completely dependent on the care providers in all activities of daily living.

Shakira’s date of birth is December 27th 2004.

Swabul is 10 years old and has cerebral palsy. When he was 7 months old he suffered from malaria and was treated with quinine. After realizing there was no improvement, the mother took him to another hospital, but didn’t give the medical history to the doctor. So the boy was treated with quinine again, which affected him seriously and the disability began like that.

The mother ran away after discovering her son has a disability. The boy was given to the grandmother, who sadly passed away. Swabul was left helpless. The neighbors contacted police who later placed Swabul at home of Hope.

Swabul’s date of birth is August 10th 2008.

Teddy is 11 years old and has cerebral palsy. She came to live at Home of Hope after being mistreated by her stepmother. Teddy’s mother passed on when she was still young and was left with the dad, who married another woman. She mistreated Teddy by denying her food, beating her and made her life miserable. The local authorities were noticed and the stepmother was arrested, who was released after a few days. Both the dad and stepmother fled their home, since they were just renting. Teddy was rescued by police and took her to Home of Hope.

Teddy goes to school and understands everything very well. She is independent in most of the daily living activities. She is getting physiotherapy to learn how to walk.

Teddy’s date of birth is April 3rd 2007.

Timothy is 7 years old and has hydrocephalus. He was abandoned and the person who found him took him to the probation officer, who referred him to Home of Hope. On arrival at Home of Hope, Timothy was in need of emergency neuron surgery to control excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. He was taken to Cure Children’s Hospital in Mbale where he underwent several operations. He was also severe malnourished, but has greatly improved.

Timothy is now able to sit in his special seat for some minutes. He likes playing and interacting with friends around him.

Timothy’s date of birth is February 16th 2011.

Tony is 15 years old and has a mild form of hydrocephalous and a developmental delay. Tony stayed with his mother, until she passed away because of AIDS. Following the death of his mother, he was taken up by his aunt who immediately started to mistreat him. She could lock him up in the house, denied him food and physically abused him. A Good Samaritan reported the matter to police, who took him to Home of Hope. The aunt fled the home for fear of being arrested and till now nobody knows where she is.

When Tony came to Home of Hope he was very weak and malnourished, he couldn’t do anything for himself. Now Tony can do most of the activities of daily living, including walking. Also he can now speak and he understands everything.

Tony goes to a special needs school and loves it. We thank God for Tony’s life, because he is a living testimony. Tony enjoys music, going for a walk and singing.

Tony’s date of birth is March 15th 2003.

Waswa is 15 years old and has hydrocephalus. Waswa was living with his younger siblings, after their parents divorced. The mother disappeard and the father decided to stay with another woman, leaving the children alone. Waswa was the eldest and the siblings could leave him in the house as they have gone to school. He could spend the whole day without food, being left in urine the whole day. The probation officer was informed about this situation and referred Waswa to Home of Hope.

On arrival Waswa was very weak and severe malnourished, but his health has greatly improved ever since he got the love and care he needs. Waswa is now able to sit on his own, use his left hand and dress and feed himself.

Waswa goes to a special need school. He likes listening to music, going for a walk, chatting with his friends and visitors.

Waswa’s date of birth is October 4th 2002.

Wilson is 6 years old and has cerebral palsy. He came to live at Home of Hope, after being rescued by UN forces in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where his both parents are fighting in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group. He was then flown to Kampala where he was brought to Loving Hearts Babies Home. He stayed there for 2 months.

Unfortunately, the Babies Home takes care of children from 0-3 years and don’t have facilities to take care of disabled children. The probation officer and police of Kampala later ordered Home of Hope to take on the child for further management.

Wilson is unable to sit, stand, and use his hands. Therefore he is dependent on the care givers for all daily tasks. The police is working very hard to find the relatives of Wilson, though it’s so hard since the parents are rebels.

Wilson’s date of birth is November 5th 2011.