Meet the Children

Peter is 14 years old and has cerebral palsy. There is not much known about Peter, since he was picked from the garbage at Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala. They weren’t able to establish his biological data. Being a child with cerebral palsy Sanyu Babies Home could not give him the medical and special care he needed.

Peter is undergoing therapy and is able to feed himself and is learning to stand. He can crawl and is able to communicate using signs and gestures. He goes to a special need school and is doing well. Peter is a very happy boy and loves playing with his brothers and sisters, watching TV and dancing to local music.

Peter’s date of birth is March 4th 2004.

Prossy is 27 years old and has hydrocephalus. Prossy was one of the first children at Home of Hope. She was staying with her grandmother, since her father was mentally ill and her mother abandoned her. Her grandmother was an old lady who couldn’t take care of her. Prossy could be locked in the house for hours, when she went to the garden to work. Prossy didn’t even have a mattress to sleep on, she was just laying on paper bags. She could take days without showering, since the girl was too heavy for the old woman.

Prossy is now staying at Home of hope, because the grandmother passed away and she has no home or relatives where she could stay. But she has a lovely home now. Prossy can talk and feed herself, but apart from that she is dependent on caregivers.

Prossy’s date of birth is January 20th 1991.

Rahumah is 11 years old and is affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is also deaf and blind as well. Her mother separated with her father after noticing that his daughter was having a disability. The father claimed they do not have children with disabilities in their clan. Rahumah’s mother then left her to live with one of her sisters after getting a job outside the country, but the family since then lost contact with her.

Her aunt eventually got married and could not take Rahumah along with her, so she was left behind with the neighbors who then took her to police, because they could not manage to live with her. They claimed that their landlady had asked them to leave, because Rahumah was scaring away the other tenants who had threatened to leave.

From the police she was taken to a home that takes care of normal children who also rejected to admit her, because she was having a disability. They claimed they did not have any specialized skills to take care of her. The police and probation officers of Kampala got stranded with Rahumah for several months and eventually got in touch with Home of Hope who agreed to take temporary custody of her as they trace for her parents. Up to now no relatives have been found.

Rahumah’s date of birth is November 16th 2006.

Rashida is 8 years old, affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta or brittle bone disease, meaning her bones easily fracture. Also she has Sickle Cell Disease. Her mother divorced her father on grounds that he had a disability too. It was too hard for the mother to continue staying with them. But she left two disabled people behind who were helpless. By the time Rashida was admitted at Home of Hope, her father was very ill and admitted in the hospital.

Rashida can move around by scooting on her buttocks, her cognitive skills are good. She goes to school and enjoys it. Rashida likes watching movies, dancing to local music and singing.

Rashida’s date of birth is December 24th 2009.

Richard is 7 years old and is affected by developmental delay or delayed milestones, meaning he achieves his milestones rather late as compared to his peers. He is also epileptic and experiences frequent seizures. His mother was not sure of his father was the real father, since she was seeing two men concurrently, so she ended up abandoning him with the grandparents.

The grandparents took him to the shrine to try to get a cure for his epilepsy, but ended up abandoning him with the witchdoctor after failing to get a cure. He was picked up by police who later took him to Home of Hope.

Richard’s date of birth is May 20th 2010.

Robert is 9 years old and has a severe form of cerebral palsy. He was taken to Sonrise Babies Home, following the deaths of both of his parents and nobody else to take care of him. The Babies Home didn’t have facilities to help disabled children, so they refused to admit him. He was referred to Home of Hope by the probation officer, after being turned away from most of the child care institutions that mainly look after normal children.

Robert is currently being helped to learn how to sit and to move his body. He likes listening to soft music and being cuddled.

Robert’s date of birth is August 9th 2009.

Sanon is 10 years old and has cerebral palsy. Sanon’s parents passed on and his grandmother decided to take care of him. During outreaches we saw that the grandmother couldn’t any longer take care of him, since it was hard for her to handle his disability. The local council asked Home of Hope to rescue this boy, since he was severe malnourished. Sanon got a special nutritional diet and also therapy to avoid secondary disability.

Sanon is now able to go to school and is learning sign language and self help skills. He can feed himself and has good social skills. He is doing well and is always happy!

Sanon’s date of birth is November 30th 2007.