Our New Home has started...
Construction has stopped for the "Home of Hope" due to lack of funding.  We're still continuing to raise money to complete this project and we appreciate any support through this time.
We call upon friends and wellwishers to continue standing with Hope of Hope to see that the house of children gets completed.

It's a double Decker and this is our plan for it, for children to use the ground floor, then first and second floor will be for volunteers who can accommodate it and pay Home of Hope instead of going in hotels, that money can help to sustain Home of Hope and it will be a long term income self sustainability for HOH.

That is the plan for the building, two in one, children down and accommodation up.
So please dear, help and see how you can emphasize on it so that  people can understand it's purpose.

We still need $70,000 to complete it.

Above is the full picture of how it will look like when its completed.

Click image for enlargement











We also have a plan on the new land, to build the special needs school for our children at Home of Hope and the community children to have a chance of education, and  a vocational training special needs school for those who can learn some skills to help them in future because they are growing and some of them have grown already.

I also have plan on this same land because its big, and l have been praying for the land and these plans for 9 years. I thank God he provided the land.

l want to also build a hospital for my children at HOH to get quick service, medical check up time to time, and the community to also use our hospital services so that they pay some amount which is not so big but when it can help to sustain the hospital and staff so that HOH can get a good care.
I also have a plan of putting up a  university for the therapists.

Occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, these students can be doing their practicals direct on HOH children and sending them in the community where we do our outreaches and home visits so that at least a big number of children with disabilities can get good service and for them to also pay tution which can continue to help sustain the organization projects at large, this university will be on a diploma level.

God Bless