Meet the Children

Laziya is 3 years old and has cerebral palsy. She was abandoned along the roadside. It was hard to notice that a child was lying there helplessly, since she is too small. It had rained on her so badly; some people who were passing by noticed it was a child after hearing her cry. They immediately reported the case to police and she was rushed to the hospital for treatment. She was diagnosed with severe malaria, cerebral palsy and malnutrition. Police reached out to Home of Hope to take care of her.

Laziya is now on nutritional supplements and is doing much better.

Laziya’s date of birth is August 20th 2015.

Mary is 13 years old and was born in a family where both parents are affected by intellectual disability. Mary is their only child and both parents lack the capacity to take care of her. Mary was always wondering in the village looking for food, since the parents couldn’t provide for her.

Mary was at risk of being defiled, since she was always on the move. She was found malnourished and her feet were full of parasites called jiggers. We identified this family during our field work and we decided to rescue Mary’s life.

Mary can comprehend basic instructions and therefore she can go to school. So next year she will start schooling. Currently we are helping her to learn basic self help skills and also work on preschool skills like shading and colouring.

Mary’s date of birth is July 18th 2004.

Maureen is 17 years old and has cerebral palsy. After her parents died, she stayed with her grandmother. Her grandmother was too old to provide all the basic needs that Maureen needed and could not even handle carrying the child from bed.

During a home visit, our team of Home of Hope realized that the child needed more care and the grandmother accepted to take her with us. Maureen has been able to learn how to sit, feed herself and crawl around. Thanks to therapy she also can now stand with support from the wall and walk with a walker.

Maureen loves going to school. Also she loves helping at home with the smaller children, watching movies, listening and dancing to music.

Maureen’s date of birth is September 7th 2001.

Miracle is 16 years old and has cerebral palsy. Miracle was brought to Home of Hope by the district probation officer. Her mum abandoned her with a note. The people who found her brought her to the district probation officer.

Miracle is doing well with therapy. She has learnt to sit without support and is being trained on feeding herself.

Miracle’s date of birth is April 14th 2002.

Moses is 7 years old and has cerebral palsy. His mother abandoned him with and old woman, who claimed to be his grandmother. The suspected father took Moses for DNA test and the results showed that this wasn’t his child. When the mother heard that, she disappeared. The police was contacted and referred the child to an organization called Foodstep Uganda. Since they don’t have facilities to take care of disabled children, they referred him to Home of Hope.

Moses is a very happy boy! His date of birth is February 16th 2011.

Patrick is 4 year old and has cerebral palsy. His mother is a prostitute and every night he was alone at home, locked up. The neighbors contacted police and took Patrick away, so he could get the love and care he needed. He was referred to an organization called Foodstep Uganda, who referred him to Home of Hope, since they don’t have the right facilities for children with disabilities. He is dependent on the caregivers in everything. Patrick is a sweet little boy that loves to be carried as much as possible. Patrick’s date of birth is April 4th 2014.

Peter is 7 years old, has Cerebral Palsy and is HIV positive. Peter came to Home of Hope after the grandmother abandoned him. She couldn’t take care of herself, so definitely she couldn’t take care of Peter. She could not meet his medical needs, yet the child was requiring close monitoring and supervision.

When Peter came he could not sit, stand, walk or crawl. Thanks to physiotherapy he is now able to walk and do most of the things himself. Peter likes playing, dancing, making friends and going for a walk.

Peter’s date of birth is August 16th 2010.