Meet the Children

Jesica is 18 years old and has muscular dystrophy, which means her muscles have been replaced by fatty tissue making it difficult to move her body parts. She has lost most of her movement skills, since this condition worsens with increasing age. She was left with her father following the death of her mother in a motor accident.

Her father married another woman, who started mistreating Jesica. This because she was embarrassed having a child with such a severe disability. Jesica was identified by our team that had gone for home visits, and she narrated her ordeal to the team. She told them she was being denied food and also been prevented from going to school. Because of this Jesica was admitted at Home of Hope.

Jesica attends secondary school and is currently in senior three with very promising results. She likes reading the bible and her school notes. She also likes watching TV.

Jesica’s date of birth is October 14th 1999.

Joan is 17 years old and has cerebral palsy as well as epilepsy. Following the death of her parents, she was abandoned in a dilapidated building. Since she had epileptic seizures, her relatives could not stand her claiming that she was demon possessed. That’s why they abandoned her.

Home of Hope was contacted to come and pick her. On our visit we found her lying in rags, half naked, hungry, malnourished and very unkempt. Home of Hope staff cleaned her, dressed her up in new clothes and took her to her new home.

Joan is currently living a happy life; she is on medication to control her seizures and is trained to learn to walk. She likes listening to stories, dancing and making friends.

Joan’s date of birth is May 22nd 2001.

Joseph is 7 years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He came to live at Home of Hope due to abandonment at Corsu Hospital on Entebbe Road. Corsu got concerned and reported the case to Entebbe police, who later had to find a temporally home for him. They took him to Foodstep Uganda, while they tried to trace for relatives.

Unfortunately Foodstep Ugand takes only care of normal children; therefore a referral was made to Home of Hope for more special assistance. Up to know no relatives have been found.

Joseph has challenging behaviors, he has visual impairment and he often bangs his head on the floor whenever he is upset. At Home of Hope we managed to get him a head protective device that helps to protect his head whenever he hits on the floor.

Joseph’s date of birth is March 2nd 2011.

Joseph is 6 years old and has cerebral palsy. He was abandoned at Home of Hope’s premises and was found in the morning. Home of Hope contacted the local council authorities, police and probation officer. They requested Home of Hope to give temporally care, as further investigations had to be done. Up to now, nobody knows anything, so Joseph will remain at Home of Hope.

Joseph is being trained in head control, side lying and sitting. He likes being cuddled, playing with him and taking him for a walk.

Joseph's date of birth is February 4th 2012.

Junior is 7 years old and has hydrocephalus. Junior was born by a teenage mother of 14 years who got pregnant while still in school. His father denied the boy, claiming in their clan they do not give birth to children with disabilities.

His mother went back to school, leaving Junior with his grandmother who also got stranded with him, because the size of the head kept on increasing and she did not have money to pay for his neurosurgery. The probation officer referred him to Home of Hope, so that he can be supported to go for surgery.

He was operated, but afterwards the grandmother refused to take him back since he was weak and sickly. So he remained at Home of Hope.

Junior has since learned to sit independently, can feed himself and also crawl. He is currently being trained how to walk.

Junior’s date of birth is November 5th 2010.

Katie is 26 years old and has epilepsy. Before Katie came to live at Home of Hope, she was staying with her very old grandmother. She was abandoned with her grandmother, who was very weak to even care for her whenever she had the severe seizures. People around her always thought she was demon possessed and they had serious stigma towards her to the extent that no one could associate with her hence being discriminated by many apart from her grandmother.

Unfortunately, her loving grandmother passed on and Katie was all by herself, since no one was willing to take her up. The neighbors around contacted the police that had to find where Katie could be temporally as her relatives are traced in order to be reunified by her family members. Until now nobody has been found, so she will stay with us.

Katie still has the severe seizures, even when she is on strong anti-epileptic medication.

Her date of birth is February 8th 1992.

Kaudha is 16 years old and she has a twin sister (identical). They both fell sick when they were babies and it affected their brain, which made them to have an intellectual disability.

Their parents passed on and they were left in the hands of an old woman, who tried her best to take care of them, but village men had started taking advantage by molesting them and several cases where reported to police. They contacted Home of Hope to rescue these girls from the shameless village men.

Both sisters are capable of going to school. Kaudha likes making friends, cuddling, dancing and learning.

Kaudha’s date of birth is September 14th 2002.