Meet the Children

Gloria is 23 years old and has cerebral palsy. Gloria’s mother passed on during labor. She stayed with her aunt who used to lock her up in the house, while she goes to work the whole day. When the neighbors got to know of the child’s situation, they reported the aunt to police accusing her of child abuse and neglect. Police went to pick Gloria and took her to Home of Hope for temporary care and she has been here since then.

She has learnt to feed herself and can also sit on the floor with minimum support, but is limited to walk, speak and generally independent in most activities of daily living tasks.

Gloria’s date of birth is July 16th 1995.

Harriet is 9 years old and deaf. She came to live at Home of Hope after the death of her parents and no one was willing to care for her or even support her to attain education, because of her disability. Harriet was staying with an uncle who is a drunkard and so irresponsible. During our community outreach, we discovered Harriet needed to get some education.

Harriet is currently in a boarding school and doing so well. She is such a social, hardworking, lovable and caring so much for others.

Harriet’s date of birth is June 10th 2009.

Henry is 11 years old and has cerebral palsy. He was born a normal child, but got cerebral malaria at the age of 9 months. This caused brain damage which resulted in cerebral palsy. The father started disappearing, after knowing his son was disabled. He could come home occasionally threatening to kill the mother and the boy, if they didn’t leave the home. Henry’s mother, Lydia, reported the case to police, so that the father could be arrested, but this was in vain. Local authorities referred them to Home of Hope for help. Henry lives with us, together with his mother.

Henry is learning how to sit, however he is very dependant in all the daily living activities.

Henry’s date of birth is May 21st 2007.

Isaac is 17 years old and has cerebral palsy. He was living with his aunt after being abandoned by his mother, who has disappeared.
Following the death of his aunt due to a motor accident, he was left alone in the house. The landlord of the house went to the district officers who referred Isaac to home of Hope. On arrival he looked malnourished and had a big stomach, probably due to infestation by worms. He was immediately dewormed.

Isaac can sit and feed himself, however he is dependent in all other remaining daily living activities. He is usually withdrawn and rarely interacts with others in the home.

Isaac’s birthday is on September 10th 2001.

Jackson is 5 years old and has hydrocephalus. He was found laying helplessly at Home of Hope compound early in the morning, being abandoned by an unknown person. Home of Hope reported the case to the police and probation officer, who requested Home of Hope to take care of Jackson as more investigations are done to find Jackson’s parents and/or relatives.

On arrival Jackson had also difficulties in breathing and was severe malnourished. He was in critical condition and needed to be operated as soon as possible to save his life. Jackson was taken to Cure Children’s Hospital in Mbale where they operated him successfully. We thank Gof for Jackson’s life.

Jackson had been on a special nutritional diet and is a healthy happy boy now.

Jackson’s date of birth is October 20th 2012.

Jamira is 11 years old and has cerebral palsy. Her father abandoned the family after spending a lot of money on Jamira’s health without any improvement. Till now no one knows where the father is. Her mother is a prostitute and neglected her daughter.

Jamira does well with physiotherapy and is being trained to stand and walk. She is able to stand on her own, supported by the wall and she is very proud of that.

Jamira’s date of birth is February 5th 2007.

Jane is 14 years old and is affected by intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She came to live at Home of Hope, after being abandoned along the road in Kampala by unknown people. She was picked up by police, who handed her over to Foodstep Entebbe. But since Foodstep takes care of normal children, they had to request Home of Hope for further management.

Jane presents bilateral knee contractures caused by long periods of squatting. She is always withdrawn and prefers to be alone most of the times.
However, she is dependent on the care givers to perform tasks like dressing, toileting and bathing.

Jane’s date of birth is August 8th 2004.